1) Create your hidden message with Confidential.

(Image, text, or image and text).

2) Choose the people who will be able to view

your hidden message.

3) Save the image.

4) Post the visible image:

- On social networks (Twitter, Facebook...).

- By mail.

- On a page of your website.

1) Your contacts download the visible image from Confidential Reader.

With Confidential:

With Confidential Reader:

Only people with an authorization key created with your Confidential
will be able to view the hidden message.

2) Confidential Reader allows:

- Edit images.

- Print images and text.

- Record data individually in 14 different formats.

- A free image hosting service
(Tinypic, Imgbox, Casimages...).


Send hidden data inside an image visible to all. Only people who have received your authorization will be able to see them.

Confidential reader

You can distribute the Confidential Reader free of charge to all your contacts.
Confidential Reader allows you to decrypt and view the data you have hidden using Confidential.

Fully secure

Confidential uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm as well as other security measures.
Moreover, the presence of the hidden message is undetectable.

ID management

Intuitive interface.
Group and individual contact management.
The ID of your contacts can be changed at any time.


PNG support with alpha channel (transparent), for both visible and hidden image.


Images created with Confidential are compatible with: Free image hosts, social networks, messaging services, websites and blogs.