1 : Generate the personal part of the ID keys

Identification keys have a maximum of 400 characters.
200 characters are automatically generated by Confidential when you create a new contact.
The remaining 200 characters (they are found in each identification key) must be generated by the user.
These 200 characters make your keys unique.

To generate the personal part, you have two solutions:
– Enter these 200 characters manually.
– Use the generator provided for this purpose.

This manipulation should only be done once (just after installing the software). Subsequently, this part should not be changed.
If you want to change the personal part, you will need to assign a new authorization key to each of your contacts, because the
old keys will no longer be operational.


Open the software configuration panel by clicking «Tools» and «Configuration…»



Click on the button with a key (at the bottom right of the panel) to display the generator
(you can also directly enter your own code in the left part).



Click the «Generate» button and the «OK» button to generate the personal 200 character part.



To finish, close the configuration panel (the number will be encoded and automatically saved in the folder «Contacts»
under the name «PersonalPart.ppk»).


Part 2 – Generate an ID key