2 : Generate an ID key

Click «Tools» and «Contact management…» or use the shortcut «Ctrl + M» to open the panel «Contact management».


Example 1 (creation of a group)
You want Chris, Gary, Wesley, and Patricia to be the only ones who can view your hidden data.

Enter the name of the new group and click on the «+» button («Group 01» is an example).
You can enter any name as long as it has no more than 30 characters.


A 200-character authorization key is automatically generated and the 200 characters of the personal part are added to it.
Once the new group has been created, you can enter the names of the contacts in that group.
Enter Chris in the second field, and click the + button. Repeat these operations for Gary, Wesley, and Patricia.


Click the «OK» button to complete the creation of the new group.
Send the identification key to Chris, Gary, Wesley, Patricia.

From now on, every time you choose «Group 01» as the identifier when saving your image, your data can only be decrypted
by Chris, Gary, Wesley, Patricia.


Example 2 (creating an individual contact)
You want Chris to be the only one who can visualize your hidden data. Enter «Chris» in the first input field and click on the «+» button.


Click the «OK» button to complete the creation of the new contact. Send the identification key to Chris.

Whenever you choose «Chris» as the ID when saving your image, only Chris will be able to view the hidden data.


Sending an ID key