Tutorial 1 part 1 of 2: New identification key from a .CC file

In Confidential Reader, there are two ways to receive a new identification key.
The first way is to receive it via a .CC file.
The key contained in this file is encrypted by the AES-256 bit algorithm.

The second way, which is detailed in the second part, is to receive the new key encrypted by the AES-256 bit algorithm,
hidden inside a PNG image. This is by far the simplest and most discreet way.

However, for security reasons the first key can only be transmitted via a .cc file


Click «Tools» and «New ID key…» or use the shortcut «Ctrl + K» to open the «Import ID key» dialog box.


Select the folder where you saved the .CC file and click the «Open» button.


An input box with 4 fields appears. Enter the password you received.
Some fields may remain empty. It is up to you and your contact to agree in advance on this possibility.


After verification, a message appears to confirm that the new ID key has been saved. Click «OK» to finish.


Part 2 – New identification key from a .PNG file